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February 25, 2013


As you may have noticed from the background of the video I am Native American, specifically Cherokee, and practice our traditional Indian Religious Ways in a Christian context. While I have for the past nearly twenty years been the ELder Minister of a group of Native American Spiritual Centers I am also an affiliate member of the First Christian Church of Wagoner and am completing my SYMP at that location, working mostly with the Youth Gourp teens this semester (actually had to create it for this church). The church is looking for a permanent part-time youth minister to come and take over in place of the interim Youth Director if you or anybody you know is interested. They are offering $17,000 a year for 20 hours a week work. Mostly younger kids and a few teens who now come on wednesdays after school.

This is my fifth year at Phillips and I hope to finish this year.

Blogging has never really been my thing but I have posted a couple of videos. This might be a good site for posting videos of sermons but I am still exploring this option. Since I work with people across the country I thought I might consider it rather than sending DVD’s. We’ll see. My daughter is really big into posting pic’s and videos of our granddaughter and I enjoy watching them a lot but I do that on my cell phone. Once this class is over I hope to have a much greater understanding of how to use this tech.

Walk in Beauty.





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  1. greyrobedsr permalink

    Osiyo Bill.

    Your DB posts are great, hence, you’ll be a great blogger!

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